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AlbumUpload.com is an image hosting service that allows you to upload images in high definition and organize them in albums. Album Upload is easy to use. Create an account, create an album, and drop the image onto your album page for easy upload or browse for the image file by clicking on the upload image button. The HTML image code is automatically generated for you. Copy and paste your links for easy sharing. Album Upload is ad free and albums are private unless shared.

Album Upload provides high quality image hosting, a tool for creating HTML based templates, and real time viewing statistics. Use Album Upload to upload, organize, and store large images, track how many people have viewed your images, and create attractive HTML based templates. Sharing is easy. With the share album link, you can share all of your images simply by sharing the link. Share via email, Facebook, eBay, forums, or any site that allows HTML.

We value the users of our site. Providing you with a user friendly experience is important to us. Support on how to use our services is provided through video and text based tutorials, our frequently asked questions section, and via email.

To navigate to any section on the page, click on the menu items listed above. You must register and login in to utilize Album Upload's image uploading services. Register for a free, and upgrade your account if you need to from the account page.


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Reasons to use Album Upload?
Album Upload is an image hosting service for uploading and organizing images online. Upload images to Album Upload for sharing on sites that allow HTML. Sites include forums that allow HTML, ebay, backpage, and many more. Album Upload is useful for anyone who sells products online, including: real estate agents, auto dealers, entrepreneurs, collectors, small business owners, rv dealers, boat dealers, eBay users, and property managers. It is also useful for photographers and people who like to share pictures online. All albums include a public sharing link that can be copied and pasted into email. This link shares the photos in an attractive slideshow format. Album Upload offers cool features such as Statistics for tracking views and Templates for designing HTML based ads. With Album Upload, you can rotate images, organize images in albums, save notes for each album, and more. With Album Upload, you save time by only having to upload your image once. Your image and the image codes are saved and available for you whenever you log in. We value our users and value any feedback that you would like to provide.
How do I upload images?
To upload images, you can either click on the red "upload images" button from the album's page and browse for your file or you can drag and drop files directly onto your album's page.
How can I upload more than 10 photos?
Currently, the free plan only allows a maximum of 10 photos per album. To upload more, you need to visit the album's tab and create a new album. With a free account, you can have two albums, in addition to the default album. Upgrade to Silver Plan for only $5/month.
How can I upload multiple photos at once?
Press the command key (on a mac) to select multiple files. You can also drag and drop multiple files right onto the album's page.
How can I upload photos from iPhoto?
To upload from iPhoto, you can either drag and drop the photos from iPhoto to your desktop and then browse for them or you can drag and drop the photos from iPhoto directly onto your album's page.
How do I upload photos from my phone?
We have an app for the iPhone. We also have one for the Android. If you are using another type of phone, you can visit the site directly through your phone's browser. You can take a photo with your phone and upload it directly to Album Upload. This is very useful when you are not near a computer. Here are the links for our phone apps: Android App iPhone App
Where do I locate the image code for my picture?
The image codes for your pictures will be displayed in the grey box at the bottom of the album's page. If you only need an image code specific to one single picture, that code can be obtained by clicking on the public links icon. The icon is located underneath the image thumbnail.
How to rotate images?
If you upload an image and need to rotate it, you can do so by clicking on the rotate picture icon. This icon is located directly below the thumbnail of the image.
How to delete images?
If you uploaded an image in error or no longer need that image, you can delete it by pressing the delete picture icon. This icon is located directly below the thumbnail of the image.
How to delete an album?
To delete an album, you click on the link that says "Delete this album and all of the pictures contained in it" You will find this link at the bottom of the album's page. NOTE: The default album cannot be deleted.
What do the buttons under the images mean?
Here are the icons that appear underneath the images and what they all mean. You can also see a description of each by hovering over it.
Direct Link to Image (You can share this link with anyone so they can view your image)
Image Comments (This is a place to save important text information that you'd like to store along with your image.')
Rotate Image
Move Image to Another Album
Delete Image
Can I delete the default album?
The Default album cannot be deleted or renamed. It also does not support statistics or templates. To use those features, you must create a new album.
How do I change the order of my images?
You can drag and drop the images in your album to change the order.
How do I move an image to another album?
There is an icon located underneath the thumbnails that allows you to move the image to another album.
How do I rename an album?
To rename an album, click on the orange gear box located next to the album's name and a pop up box will display allowing you to change the name. You do this from the album tab.
How do I save notes in my album?
Type your notes into the album comments box and click on the green save button.
How to add style to text without knowing HTML?
If you would like to add some style to your text, you can use our templates section. You do not need to know HTML.
How do I create a template for my ad?
To create a template for you ad, visit the templates tab. You get your template code on the album's page.
How do I track how many views my ad receives?
To track how many views your ad receives, you need to copy the statistics code along with your image code into your ad. View the statistics in real time from the statistics tab.
What are statistics and how do I add them to my ad?
Viewing statistics allows you to see how many people have seen your ad. Statistics only work if you include the statistics code in your ad. The statistics code can be found at the bottom of the album's page or on the statistics's tab.
What are the benefits of using the statistics feature?
Statistics allow you to track how many viewers have seen your ad in real time. You can monitor multiple ads from the statistics tab by giving each ad, its own album for its own photos. The label for the statistics corresponds with the title of the ad. For example, if you were selling two cars, a honda and an acura, and you had two albums. One album named Honda. The other named Acura. Then you would have two sets of statistics, one labeled Honda and the other labeled Acura. If you include the statistics code for each of those in your classified ads, you will be able to compare the two to see which is receiving more views. You can also see when your views go down that its time to renew your ad.
Do you have any video tutorials?
We have a few video tutorials and are in the process of creating more. If you have a suggestion for a future tutorial, please email support@albumupload.com
Do you have any text tutorials?
We have a few text tutorials and are in the process of creating more. If you have a suggestion for a future tutorial, please email support@albumupload.com
How do I share the photos from my album?
There is a public album link that you can email to friends if you want to share your entire album with someone. This link can be located on the album's page right about the HTML code. This link shares your photos in an attractive slideshow format.
How do I change the resolution of my images?
If you would like to change your resolution, this can be changed from the account tab. NOTE: Images already uploaded will not be affected.
How to upgrade service?
To upgrade your service, visit the account tab and select on the plan that you would like to subscribe to. Payment is secure through PayPal. Plans start at only $5/month.
How to cancel service?
You can cancel anytime by sending an email to support@albumupload.com
How do I reset my password?
To reset your password, you must click on the "Forgot or want to reset your password" link from the log in screen.
How do I pay for service?
Payment for the service is automatic through PayPal. You may cancel at any time. Plans start at only $5 per month.
Who can I email for support?
The email address for support is support@albumupload.com
What sites support HTML image codes?
eBay.com, some Forums, BackPages.com, and ClassifiedAds.com - NOTE: On some classified sites you must click on the HTML icon to enter code for your post. If you don't click on that icon, your images will not display. You can share direct links on Facebook also. You can also email direct links and friends can click on the links to view your images.

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We have developed an Album Upload image uploading app. It is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. The app is free to download. With this app, you can access Album Upload's features directly from your iPhone. This is very useful tool when you are not near a computer. You can take photos with your phone and upload them directly to Album Upload.

App features include:

✓ High Definition Image Hosting
✓ Upload pictures directly from your gallery.
✓ Upload pictures from your camera.
✓ Pictures get hosted on our very powerful server.
✓ Get the generated HTML code for your online post.
✓ Track how many users view your ads
✓ Organize images in albums

✓ Images and html codes are saved so you never have to re-upload
✓ No watermarks
✓ No advertisements
✓ Ability to rotate images
✓ Ability to delete images when you no longer need them
✓ Useful for realtors & auto dealers who post a lot of ads online
✓ Useful for anyone who sells items online

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